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Adidas ZNE Training Hoodie

The Adidas Z.N.E. collection was designed to provide premium comfort to athletes as they go from the street to the game. This men's hoodie is made of cotton-blend double knit and has a pattern inspired by an athlete's heartbeats inside the hood. Its athletic cut and pre-shaped sleeves provide a full range of motion.

Designed with comfort and warmth in mind, this Adidas ZNE Training Hoodie is ideal for wearing during outdoor activities or for walking to and from the gym, in cooler conditions. The hoodie will keep you warm with a high funnel neck for weather protection to keep the cool weather at bay. The hood delivers further protection as the dual-layer helps keep your face and head protected from the wind and rain. The full zip allows you to retain body temperature by pulling the zip to the top, or, conversely, lowering the zip to improve ventilation by allowing cool air to enter. Raglan sleeves offer a full, unrestricted range of movement in all directions to enhance performance as you strive for the best results. Fitted cuffs reduce the potential distraction of overhanging sleeves as well as guarding against irritation such as chafing.

Store your small, essential items in the side zip pockets. Items such as your phone, keys, cards and gels can be safely and securely stored away without causing a distraction as well as being accessible should you need them while on the move. The athletic fit helps the hoodie to move with you during exercise, without causing any unwanted discomfort or being too tight that it negates performance. Rounding off the hoodie is a large Adidas Badge of Sport and Adidas ZNE line graphic located on the shoulder to deliver a sleek, fashionable look. The hood also contains an Engineered "Pulse" heartbeat graphic.

  • High Funnel Neck - For weather protection.
  • Dual Layer Hood - Keeps the elements at bay.
  • Full Zip - Retain warmth or encourage ventilation.
  • Raglan Sleeves - Offer a full range of movement.
  • Cuffs - Enhance comfort and minimise the risk of irritation.
  • Side Zip Pockets - Store small, essential items.
  • Athletic Fit - Comfortable fit without sacrificing performance.
  • Graphics - Adds a sleek, fashionable look to the hoodie.
  • Material - 69% cotton, 26% polyester, 5% elastane.

The Adidas Group

Employing more than 55,000 people in over 160 countries, Adidas produce more than 778 million product units every year. These numbers alone can easily suggest that the group is quite a complex organisation. Adidas keep things simple, lean and fast.

They think you deserve the choice. Adidas believes no one should be reduced to just one of many facets and talents. No matter whether you are an athlete looking for the best equipment, or a fashionista searching for the next trend, or both - they want to engage with you in a long-lasting relationship. The multi-brand strategy enables them to do just that because it allows them to tackle opportunities from several perspectives, as both a mass and a niche player, always providing distinct and relevant products. In this way, their brands and their sub-brands all keep their unique identity.

Manufacturer product code - ADIBQ6928

Adidas ZNE Training Hoodie - AW17 Men Clothing MYOSF1Z4O

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